Understand to improve

Mobility in large URBAN CENTERS is a challenge that calls for concrete solutions. Urban expansion in big cities is beginning to encroach on those areas which were once considered suburbs. New and more ordered expansion results in better structured urban conurbations best seen in those areas defined as MEGALOPOLISES. An efficient transport system using subways drastically reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment and favors the uniform growth of all the urban areas affected. Cities that have subway networks are proof of the modernity that these infrastructures bring to their citizens.

GDP supports PUBLIC AUTHORITIES, CONTRACTING AUTHORITIES, DESIGNERS and CONTRACTORS in the management of development projects for new lines, modernization of existing ones, and technical and technological integration between the two. 

The technologies in metro rail have changed greatly as is the case of traction, signaling and telecommunications, calling for the integration of technologies across different eras. The specialized teams at GDP can manage and integrate all the aspects of design and implementation, supplying expertise in PROJECT MANAGEMENT or a complete service in the form of a PMO that oversees all activities.