Student HoUsing

Understand to improve

GDP assists INVESTORS, DEVELOPERS, DESIGNERS and TENANTS in real estate development projects that offer student accommodation.  This takes the form of technical-legal DUE DILIGENCE and the management of conversations in the preliminary stages between all parties concerned. From operator search and selection for design and construction, through all stages of development, GDP will ensure interest alignment for all project players.

Of crucial importance to the success of student accommodation developments is the ability to consistently manage the needs of TENANTS who have to guarantee a quality of service. Skill is likewise required by DESIGNERS and DEVELOPERS to make the asset readily available, user-friendly, and exemplary, all of which must respect the economic expectations and time schedule of the INVESTORS.

GDP ensures meticulous management of all the stages of a project providing precise MONITORING of its development, thanks to the best project management methodologies available, based on the specific requirements of the asset class supply chain.