Shopping mallS

Understand to improve

Physical stores and retail outlets are experiencing a moment of change, primarily due to an increase in e-commerce sales and also because of evolving customer expectations about what a shopping mall or retail park should offer. Consumers today are looking at retail to give them an EXPERIENCE that goes beyond a simple purchase. This requires asset OWNERS, MANAGERS, and TENANTS and subsequently  INVESTORS of businesses in shopping malls to give their image a complete overhaul, and embrace the concept of an ENTERTAINMENT MALL.

GDP can provide an inter-disciplinary team that understands new trends in development and in the Real Estate supply chain that hosts, manages and keeps the sector alive, offering tailor-made management solutions for both remodeling and development ventures. 

GDP pays heed to and provides expertise in matters of ESG that are drivers for a modernization of the world of Real Estate, where shopping malls can once again be key players in this conceptual rebirth in the way we live and manage realties.