Nursing and Residential Care Facilities - RCF

Understand to improve

The RCF in Real Estate is the asset class that more than any other best illustrates the dignity that should be bestowed on the end-user of the building, and that the real estate sector has the pleasure and duty to represent. It is to this backdrop that GDP Project Management Services is committed to aiding INVESTORS, DEVELOPERS, DESIGNERS and TENANTS in pursuing a result capable of providing a real estate initiative that is befitting, enjoyable, technically and economically sustainable. An RCF project must meet the scope for which it was intended, particularly as regards the community for which the building has been created, in accordance with ESG principles.

GDP supplies project management solutions capable of OPTIMIZING the processes for market search, design, construction and the operational readiness of the properties, whilst HORIZONTALLY integrating the technical and operative needs of all the parties involved in a project.

Furthermore, the precise MONITORING of all stages of development allows timely management of the RISKS inherent to the lifecycle of a project.