Roads and HIGHways

Understand to improve

Road networks are of fundamental importance for the ECONOMIC development and MOBILITY in the areas where they are built. Road infrastructure projects present technical difficulties, but the factor that conditions SCHEDULES and execution COSTS the most, is the impact that the infrastructure has on the land and local community. This of course naturally affects all the stakeholders involved in the project. Roads and highways in fact, affect geographical areas and local authorities as well as having ramifications on existing infrastructures or projects already under construction.

GDP professionally manages the various parties involved thanks to COMMUNICATION activities and STAKEHOLDER management, during all stages in the lifecycle of a project. This includes: DESIGN management, TENDER and PROCUREMENT, PROJECT CONSTRUCTION management, CHANGE ORDER management, TESTING, COMMISSIONING, OPERATIONAL READINESS and document management. 

GDP will approach the CONTRACTING AUTHORITIES, CONCESSIONARY COMPANIES, CONTRACTORS and DESIGNERS, dependent on the client’s position within the project.

GDP is able to provide a PMO capable of integrating all aspects of technical-economic and legal management of a road infrastructure project.