Renewable Energy

Understand to improve

Projects in the Oil & Gas sector have specific characteristics that require specialist management. Until a time when there is a global energy transition away from fossil fuels, each country’s development depends on energy reserves, with investments in Oil & Gas projects, through exploration, drilling and an increase in the capacity of onshore and offshore plants. For these reasons, these strategically important projects require HIGHLY SPECIALIZED management and the application of industry standards in project management procedures.

The decarburization of production processes and human intervention in general, is the way forward to guarantee a future for the planet we live on. The energy transition towards renewables presents growing technical and technological challenges, requiring technical-economic sustainability that allows for the gradual and controlled reorganization of human activities, with the aim of avoiding any unnecessary upheaval to people’s lives and to production.

GDP provides technical support for FEASIBILITY STUDIES, management of the design process and the construction of renewable plants, taking responsibility for the coordination of all the aspects of PRODUCTION, CONSERVATION, TRANSPORT and STORAGE of energy generated.

The integration of high levels of specialization and optimization in the MANAGEMENT of project and production processes means GDP is able to supply a complete consultation service of high added value.