Understand to improve

Maritime transportation is of crucial importance for international trade and the distribution of fuel and goods. Maritime and inland waterways offer a safe high-capacity long distance transport network. Today’s market is characterized by the JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) approach that calls for larger dock SIZES and logistics capable of managing greater volumes in reduced sort TIMES

Global maritime trade, is seeing constant growth, and in the mid to long term a significant increase is predicted in the quantity of goods for transportation, prompting port operators to modernize operations and increase the capacity of their terminals. Ports and freight terminals are important areas for processing as well as storage and logistics.

In light of these ongoing changes, GDP is in a position to offer support to sector OPERATORS, SHIP OWNERS, CONTRACTING AUTHORITIES and TENANTS of ports and freight terminals, as well as the DESIGNERS responsible for modernizing, integrating and improving port infrastructure. The INTERDISCIPLINARY service that GDP, allows for the management of the transformation processes integrating the needs of the project supply chain.

Only entering into technical details where strictly necessary, GDP never loses vision of the crossover between specific NEEDS and INTERESTS and is able to streamline the INTERFACING with all parties contributing significantly to the success of a project in terms of planned SCHEDULING, COSTS and PROCEDURES.