Understand to improve

Hospitality sector properties represent a type of asset class with unique characteristics not only for the sector itself but also within the same asset class. In fact, requirements and characteristics are very different depending on location, clientele and the level of services offered.

This is a type of asset class whose characteristics differ, sometimes quite significantly for each development, dependent on the BRANDS and TENANTS whose role is to respond to the needs of the end–user who expects to be offered a unique and engaging experience.

GDP supports TENANTS, INVESTORS, DEVELOPERS, DESIGNERS and CONTRACTORS in the management and integration of the various interests that each player brings to the table.

GDP will manage the production supply chain to ensure SCHEDULES, BUDGET and QUALITY of the development are met. Careful MONITORING and a complete and proactive project management service that oversees CHANGE ORDERS and modifications, typical to developments of this kind, are employed.