Understand to improve

The health care system of a country is a defining factor in determining quality of life and economic growth expectations. Hospitals, healthcare centers and rehabilitation facilities are just some of the key institutions in the health sector. Advances in technology have meant an unprecedented improvement in the quality of preventative medicine, diagnostics, medical intervention, treatment and rehabilitation. All health sectors have transversally been affected. THE MANAGEMENT of these RAPID and far reaching changes means that ADMINISTRATIONS whether public or private are faced with unprecedented demands to respond.

THE IDENTIFICATION and definition of goals, the IMPLEMENTATION of technical solutions and the MANAGEMENT of all stages of a project for the restructuring, expansion or new build of health care facilities, requires the support of specialized teams. These teams will integrate HORIZONTALLY with staff already present at each unit and in the organizations that are responsible for a group of facilities. GDP is able to supply specific expertise in a CLINICAL SETTING, to include consultancy on PROCESSES, clinical METHODOLOGIES and support in the PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION and OPERATION of the sites.