Understand to improve

Project Monitoring –  Time Management –  Cost Management –  Construction Management

For a project to be EFFICIENT, Project Management needs to be precise and tailor-made, capable of monitoring and tracking a project’s development, and foreseeing and managing any changes. All too often project monitoring is just seen as a tick the box activity. A change in attitude is needed so that this activity becomes a proactive function in the life of a project.

By means of an ordered and systematic methodology, the project monitoring supplied by GDP aims to introduce this approach and raise awareness, guaranteeing project metrics and associated activities to ensure completion according to the contract’s TIME constraints, COSTS and in accordance with the REQUIREMENTS and STANDARDS of a given project.

GDP’s approach includes recognition and proactive identification of obstacles and problems that may arise during the execution of a project and the adoption of appropriate corrective measures.

GDP in supplying monitoring and construction management solutions caters to INVESTORS, REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS, DESIGNERS, CONTRACTORS, and TENANTS and guarantees the best approach possible based on the position of the client within the project.