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Design Management – Design Approvals / Value Engineering – BIM Management

Design Management is a process of increasing importance for projects. It has become essential, to guarantee the correct execution of design and construction processes.

The skill set required for the design process is increasingly VERTICAL, struggling to find satisfactory integration and management across disciplines. The range of products, materials, technologies, standards and regulations included in a project are proving increasingly difficult to manage by a single person.

GDP takes on the role of THIRD PARTY in managing the design process, and creating the best working conditions for each specialist assigned to a project. In fact the DESIGN MANAGEMENT activities provided, offer monitoring of the progress of individual aspects of the design within the scope of the proscribed SCHEDULE, BUDGET and OBJECTIVES.

GDP also offers VALUE ENGINEERING services, thanks to the expertise of its technical staff able to bring value to the entire project, taking advantage of its BIRDS EYE VIEW that is guaranteed by the management of all the design management processes.

GDP operates using the most up to date and internationally recognized standards of project management and engineering, including BIM processes used by each specialist working on a project, creating standards across the board and providing appropriate levels of information where required.